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Written by: Tobi

This Chapman drink is one of the most popular drinks to come out of Nigeria. Growing up, this was always a staple alongside Zóbò (Hibiscus Drink) at parties, family celebrations, and restaurants.

Chapman is an easy drink to put together because it uses ingredients that we are all familiar with - Fanta (Orange Soda) and Sprite (Lemon Soda). The secret to making amazing Chapman is in the measurements; you want to ensure it is balanced and one of the flavors does not overshadow the other.

Chapman does not taste the same with a straight straw, and the cucumbers add their unique flavor profile to the drink. (Believe me!)


  • 1 Lime
  • 1 Cucumber
  • ¼ Cups of Ribena
  • 400ml/1.5 Cups of Sprite
  • 400ml/1.5 Cups of Fanta
  • ¼ Cups of Grenadine Syrup
  • 4-5 Dashes of Angostura Bitters

This Chapman Drink recipe uses a little bit of Ribena (blackcurrant juice) to add some color and some extra delicious flavor, and when I say “it slaps,” it does. This recipe takes 4-8 minutes to put together, and imagine making such greatness in such little time. A video of this recipe can be seen on Instagram here and Youtube hereChapman Ingredients

NB: Angostura Bitters contains alcohol; you can skip it for an alcohol-free version. Aromatic Bitters


  1. Combine Fanta, Sprite in a jug. Sprite in a Jug
  2. Add Ribena, and the bitters to the jug. Ribena in a Jug
  3. Stir to combine.  Fanta in a Jug
  4. Add a couple of slices of cucumber and juice from one lime into a pitcher with some ice and stir well to combine.
  5. Serve chilled with your bendy straw, and enjoy! Chapman in a Cup