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Efo Riro

Like any good food business, Adùn started with a craving.

When our founder Tobi Smith moved to Texas for graduate school back in 2016, he was short on cash and hungry for dishes he’d grown up eating (and cooking) back in Nigeria.

Recipes forwarded to friends turned into a blog, which grew into a local catering business and then a national meal delivery service which eventually became Adùn.

Meet our Founders

Tobi Smith

Sharing food is one of my love languages and having the opportunity to share the delicious flavors I grew up on with the world while giving people a taste of home or a new experience, saving them time, and putting smiles on their faces means everything to me!
On really tough days, I look forward to going home to a bowl of Stewed beef with Rice or Okra Soup and pounded yam. I call these dishes “my hugs from food.”

Bethany Oyefeso

As an immigrant, it's very easy to feel lost in another country for many reasons. No matter how much you assimilate and grow to love your new home, there will always be a yearning to stay connected to your roots, and I've found that pocket of comfort through my food and cooking. I know I'm not alone, and there's no better feeling than seeing your community and giving them something to find comfort in. There's no better way to invite others to learn about you and where you're coming from.
Two dishes that never let me down are Okra soup with Eba and Egusi soup with Rice. They're my go-to when I need that home away from home feel.

Want to be part of the future of African food? Adùn is growing!