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Fresh Pasta - Adun

Did you go “EH?”

So I told somebody I made fresh pasta and he replied with “you mean you cooked it today?” Well I explained to him and he couldn’t believe Pasta could be made from scratch at home.

Okay here goes, Pasta made from scratch is super amazing.

When you buy pasta at a store you are eating mass produced quality with chemicals to keep the shelf life longer and a couple other things. Home made pasta is made with love and affection and just kidding… it is made without as many chemicals. Five star restaurants mostly make their pasta in their kitchens then they charge you $100 per strand. Don’t let them play you. Read how to make it here.

Making pasta at home is very easy. it could also be a lot of handwork, you can use it as your workout for the day if you don’t have the fancy implements like me. My arms are so strong nowwwww I ppresss thhhhee keyyyss onn myy keyybooard too harddd.


  • 3 Eggs
  • 2 Cups of Flour

Directions Fresh Pasta Ingredients - Adun

  1. Sift your flour onto a clean table top work-space and make a well in the middle. Flour - Adun
  2. Crack the eggs in the well and beat them. (No, you are not crazy, that’s how it’s done). Flour and Eggs - Adun
  3. Mix everything together. This is the first workout stage. Keep mixing till everything is together.
  4. Second workout stage, knead this mix as well as you can. It will be super hard but keep on kneadingggg! Kneading Dough - Adun
  5. Wrap your well mixed and kneaded dough in a nylon wrap and let the dough rest for 30 minutes. Dough Resting - Adun
  6. Using a rolling pin (I used to use an old win bottle but I upgraded) roll your dough out as thin as you can till it is translucent and you can see the Italian forefathers smiling on the other side. Rolled out Dough - Adun
  7. Then when it is thin enough you can cut it into strips. Really thin for Angel hair pasta, a bit thicker for Spaghetti, about a quarter of a centimeter for Fettuccine and the list is endless. I still rolled this into double its size. Pasta Strips - Adun

This pasta boils faster than the store bought one so you want to cook it for just 10 minutes at most. Perfect! Pasta Strips on Rolling Pin - Adun