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Draw Soup - Adun

I was going through the WordPress notifications on the Gizdodo post and I was blown away. The feedback was nothing short of AH-mazing, whaaaaat! This gave me a lot of joy, so I decided I will keep this up.

Today’s recipe is generally called “draw soup”. No it’s not a painter or artists favorite soup. It is made with two primary ingredients; okra and ogbono.

Various tribes in Nigeria have different names for this; Ila-Alasepo soup is the most popular amongst the Yoruba tribe made with Okra, and then Ogbono soup for the Igbo part of the country made with well…ogbono. Both of these soups have that slippery/viscous texture to it, so I thought can I do a little bit of both? Well, I did it.


  • 1 lb Okra
  • 2 Onion Bulbs
  • Goat Meat and Tripe
  • 1/2 Cup of Ogbono Powder
  • 3 Cooking Spoons Palm Oil
  • Smoked turkey
  • Fresh Tilapia Fillets

Growing up, my mum used to make us cut okra, and chop it till it was really viscous or “drawy” enough this was really hard work. Being the lazy person that I am, I would include some ogbono powder to make up for this (sshh don’t tell my mum). Smart guy right? This soup always turned out really amazing.


  1. Wash, clean your Okra and chop it up into tiny bits. Draw Soup Ingredients - Adun

  2. Season your goat meat, tripe and boil with salt and one scotch bonnet pepper till desired softness. Keep meat stock aside for later.

  3. In a pot, add the onions, one scotch pepper into the meat stock. Add the fresh tilapia fillets in. Let cook for two minutes.

  4. Pour in your chopped Okra and let this cook for two minutes.

  5. Now add the remaining (I know you must have eaten a couple pieces) of the boiled meats and smoked turkey to the pot. Draw Soup in a Pot - Adun

  6. Then add the half cup of ogbono powder and stir in. The ogbono powder here will make the soup thicken some more. Now add in your palm oil, stir and let cook for five minutes.

  7. Serve up with your favorite swallow, convince yourself you will workout the next day and enjoy! Draw Soup and Pounded Yam - Adun